Product information

DryStep Biogranules are natural stable bedding, made from 100% pure wood sawdust. During the production process, sawdust is sterilized under high temperatures and pressed into cylindrical granules (grain) with a diameter of 6.8 or 10 mm. Due to this unique production procedure, our granules are free of mold and germs and without harmful acids, such as abietic acid. The granules are easy to distribute and do not produce harmful substances. They are odorless and flavorless and are not eaten by the animals. Wood granules have a pH value of approximately 5.5 and are 100% biodegradable.


DryStep is a product that stays in the stable. Daily maintenance of the barn; Remove the dung balls. Mix urine stains back into the dry material for absorption and reuse. Remove wet spots when the absorption maximum is reached. Sprinkle where necessary.

Drystep absorbs liquids at a fast pace. The key to a clean, fresh house is the absorption of liquids before they penetrate into the floor of the house. DryStep will not only absorb the liquids, but also the ammonia (air) and that keeps the stable smelling nice and fresh. The absorption of ammonia reduces flies and insects. DryStep Biogranules have the property of drying, which makes long-term reuse possible.


DryStep Biogranules users are enthusiastic about the time it takes to care for their horse. The granules do not adhere to the coat, mane or tail, as traditional ground covers do.



Working with DryStep Biogranules will save you a lot of time. Such as maintaining the stable and removing manure. Time that you can better spend on your four-legged friend.


DryStep Biogranules is supplied in strong 15 kg bags, 65 bags on a pallet

drystep horses verpakt in 15 kg





  • DryStep wood pellets last at least 5 times longer than straw or flax.
  • Absorption capacity up to 500% of its own volume.
  • Unlimited shelf life if stored dry.
  • Unique moisture absorption not comparable with straw pellets or other wood pellets


  • Very easy to use, easy to distribute in the stable.
  • Reduction of labor mucking out of the barn up to 75%.
  • Fast and efficient stable maintenance.
  • You really save a lot of time and work.


Cost saving

  • Very economical in use, the price of DryStep is very favorable.
  • Up to 75% less fertilizer than with long straw.
  • Up to 50% less fertilizer with wood shavings.
  • Very compact, requires limited storage space.


Friendly to the horse


  • Soft and comfortable ground cover, your horse feels more comfortable.
  • Reduces the risk of rock jet, so better for the horse.
  • Completely mold, germ and bacteria free due to high production temperature.
  • A dust-free product, the risk of allergies is almost impossible.
  • No more penetrating ammonia odor in the house, so fewer flies and vermin.
  • Definitely not eaten by horses.


Environmentally friendly

  • 100% natural, no additives.
  • Composts within 6 - 12 weeks, 100% biodegradable.
  • It is possible to compost this product yourself so that you no longer have any disposal costs.