DryStep pellets, sustainable & efficient!

DryStep Biogranules (pellets) is a 100% natural alternative to traditional stable bedding products. The properties, advantages and consumption are much more durable and efficient than the use of, for example, long straw or wood shavings. Your animal can now enjoy a wonderfully comfortable bed and your stable will remain clean and fresh for a long time!

Drystep biogranules in stevige verpakking

More durable than long straw or flax Absorbency of up to 500% Less stable maintenance Affordably priced Up to 75% less fertilizer than with long straw Up to 50% less fertilizer with wood shavings Very compact in storage space 100% natural

Jesse Drent en Drystep

I have the perfect solution for those who use sawdust in the shed! Previously I always used straw in the stables, but this is not convenient at this place so I went to look further. I had found something that is widely used abroad, but almost not in the Netherlands. I have been using DRYSTEP Biogranules (pellets) for a while now and I really wanted to share this because it is super dry and soft for the horses, super easy to maintain and almost does not dust at all .. With the sawdust I always found that it did not absorb enough moisture and it was quite dusty. Once you have set this up, it is completely through it every day and you really keep it super dry and clean for them. Also the bags are quite small so it is easy to store. At first I thought it was super strange that you first wet what you throw in the stable, but you put the chunks in the stable or wheelbarrow and throw some water over it so that it expands and becomes soft. This will later absorb 500% moisture!

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